Wetland Restoration

Florida’s natural lands and water resources require special attention to keep them in their naturally functioning ecosystem condition. Some of these functions are to store floodwaters, improve water quality, maintain water flow during dry seasons and provide food, nesting and protection for fish and wildlife.

Our trained staff is always ready to work closely with the State, local agencies and the customer to restore an area to as close to its natural conditions as possible by means of:

Creation – We can construct a wetland in an isolated area
Enhancement – Increase the function of an existing wetland by changing the structure
Mitigation – To compensate for losses to a wetland area, another wetland can be enhanced, restored or created
Installation – In Littoral areas, our trained staff will install aquatic plants to help remove pollutants from a waterway. The plants act as a filtering agent.

You can count on the cooperation of AWC to be a part of the team working hand in hand with government, permitting, environmental consulting firms and you, our client, to be sure the project is a success and that a detailing maintenance project is put in place that pleases all concerned.