Removals of Unwanted Vegetation

Unwanted vegetation, especially exotic and non-native plants, have become a growing nuisance in Florida’s waterways.

Exotics and non-native plants were brought to Florida by travelers from foreign lands years ago. They were removed from their native lands that have controls in place like climate, disease or insects to control them. When they reached Florida, the controls were not in place so they grew out of control and are considered “invasive” plants. There are over 1,300 of these plants and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection publishes a list of unwanted plants every 2 years.

Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. has the experience, equipment and knowledge to eliminate the most common types of unwanted vegetation. Here are few of many ways to remove unwanted vegetation.


Shoreline Removals

In most cases, in one day we can restore the beauty of your waterway, protecting your water view and your property value.

Retention Pond Cleanup

These ponds are designed to catch storm-water runoff. The more weeds you have, the less water it can hold. AWC can remove sediment build up and muck, restoring your retention pond to its properly functioning state.

Hand Removal and Cutting

Our staff is well trained in using the tools needed for this type of removal. We use different tools for different plants within a wetland, like machetes, rakes, chain saws, hedge trimmers and reciprocators.

Hand cutting is less labor than hand pulling because the roots are not removed. The immediate removal at a minimal cost is an advantage for many clients. It usually lasts one growing season but eventually they will return.

Raking and removal

Raking the surface of waterways to remove unwanted vegetation mats isn’t as fun as raking leaves in your yard. That is why our clients are thankful that we offer this service which we call R and R for raking.

Ponds often get spikerush, hydrilla and eel grass mats that form on the surface and are quite unsightly. Algae can form on top of the mat to create an even larger mat.

We will bring in an R and R team who are trained to wade in and rake out the mats. These teams haul the mats ashore, put them in our trucks and dispose of them properly off site.

The end result is a mat free waterway. After the initial R and R visit this needs to be followed up with regular maintenance to keep your waterway under control.

With a little R and R from Aquatic Weed Control, everyone is at ease.

After any removal, there is often a planting to introduce native plants back into the area. However, if not, we recommend a maintenance program to keep the area clear of unwanted vegetation. See the website tab for Wetland and Littorial Maintenance Program for more information.

We also excel at removing large trees and heavily invaded areas that require piece of heavy equipment to do the job. See the Mechanical Removals tab for more information.