Native Plantings

Planting of native plants and trees is an area where we excel. At Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. we not only understand the land and the plants but we have our own native plant nursery.

Wetland plantings often come to us from Builders, Commercial Developers and Consulting firms. We have worked closely for years with different ones and have an outstanding reputation for completing projects that exceed expectations.

They come to Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. after a wetland has been developed and now needs to be planted. Or, most times, we’ve just completed a removal of unwanted vegetation in a wetland for them that now requires that plants are installed.

We work closely with Consulting firms to follow their wetland design plans for a planting. We also have experienced planners on staff, who can design a wetland environment and recommend plants.

Introducing native plants and trees into an area is an excellent way to mitigate, or offset, undesirable ecological factors. State and County governments also may require mitigation for environmental reasons including:

Wetlands impacted by development

When natural plants are removed it becomes a question of which plants will survive well in their new neighborhood without needing a lot of fertilizers and water. During construction the land is moved around and/or more earth is brought in and the drainage usually changes. You need a company that can take all of this into consideration and help the developer out. Plants that are native to Florida have changed over the years to adapt to Florida’s changing climate and require less water and fertilizers. Also, native trees have changed to weather hurricanes and tropical storms.

Preserving the ecosystem

When native plants are removed, that also removes the food, habitat and shelter for butterflies, birds and animals. Native plants preserve the natural ecosystem.

Filtering and gather nutrients

When native plants are planted along the shoreline they act as a filtering agent. When it rains here in Florida, the run-off helps to carry nutrients from fertilized yards and streets into waterways. The nutrients are often good for the plants but they are bad for a waterway. Nutrients also feed any unwanted seeds or algae close by and encourage growth.

Shoreline stabilization

Native plants that are strategically planted along shoreline where rainwater runs off into ponds can help stabilize that shoreline and prevent erosion. The plant’s roots grow and weave together acting as a web to strengthen the soil. We can help you with a selection of plants best suited for this purpose.

Improving Aesthetics

Native plants are an excellent choice when you want want to improve the landscape around and near your waterway. As an example Bald Cypress trees are an elegant addition to an area and since they are native, they thrive in Florida’s changing climates.

A proper planting starts with the proper selection of the best plants. Since we have our own nursery, this allows us to control the quality of the plants and assures our clients will have the right plants when they need them.

In addition to plant selection, a successful planting project includes these steps:

- Working closely with the client on a project and utilizing our experienced personnel
- Do an on-site inspection before making any recommendations
- Look at key access points, size of the area and soil conditions
- Using our knowledge of proper plant selection, size and quantities
- Thorough follow up and maintenance

AWC’s highly experienced and trained personnel will work closely with each client to make sure they have quality plants, properly installed to ensure success.