Mini Dredge

We offer our customers our mini dredge services. The mini dredge is a compact and portable sediment removal pumping system.

The mini dredge is used where years of runoff and vegetation decay have robbed the storage capacity of canals, ponds and lakes.  It can remove sand, silt and that fluffy black stinky mud that has ruined your ability to enjoy your waterway and/or damaged the way the waterway is to function.

This mighty machine has the ability to excavate and remove unwanted sediment from in front of

-   concrete outflow boxes       
-   inflow pipes                   
-   sandbars in ponds                                                 
-   areas where years of sediment have built up                             

Here is how it works.  AWC dredge experts put the dredge into the water.  While the machine is being monitored, our team uses the machine’s hose to suck up the unwanted sediment….similar to a vacuum cleaner.  The sediment and some water travels through the large hose into a disposable storage bag.

The bag has thousands of tiny holes that allow the water to flow back into the area but keeps the sediment contained. The bag is then hauled away.

Call 407-859-2020 and ask for Eric, who will be glad to offer a free estimate.