Maintenance Program

Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. has been developing and providing wetland programs for many years. All of this experience is what brings Builders, Commercial Developers and Consulting firms back to us over and over again, year after year.

After a wetland planting or a removal of unwanted vegetation, we recommend and provide a maintenance program. We work with the client to plan and design a program to keep the wetland in compliance with the Consultants and the State of Florida.

After a removal and/or a planting of native plants, it is important that a wetland is maintained to ensure that it continues to meet all requirements on a regular basis.

Our well-trained staff has the experience to provide the regular maintenance in order to stay in compliance for the periodic monitoring by Consulting firms and the State of Florida.

We maintain a long term relationship with our clients because most of the required maintenance is over a 5 year span.

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