Commercial Properties

Commercial: We excel at treating commercial properties. We can treat any waterway(s) on commercial property to improve the look, condition and functionality.

Aquatic Weed Control, Inc. has commercial properties ranging in size from a single pond at a small business to something as large and as visible as the many ponds at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Our list of commercial clients are, but are not limited to, hospitals and medical centers, restaurants, shopping centers, legal firms, RV parks, car dealerships, storage units, churches, Government buildings, raceways, Corporate headquarters and office buildings, amusement parks, hotels and resorts, golf courses, industrial buildings and the list goes on and on.

We work closely with all out clients and listen to their needs and requests. We then use our knowledge to build a treatment and maintenance program that will meet and exceed their expectations.

Lakefronts: There are many private lakes and lakefronts in the state of Florida that require our services in order to keep…

- the value in the home
- the beauty of why people enjoy homes on the water
- enjoyment from fish and boating

We can provide service to small lakefronts that are only 30 feet up to entire lakes and will help you with the permitting process, if they are necessary. We understand your investment and work hand in hand with our clients to preserve the quality investment.

Our State trained and licensed technicians are well equipped to treat these areas and provide written reports on the service provided.